Make Your Graduation Day Special With Peper Harow London Socks

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Make your graduation day special with Peper Harow London Socks

Whether you opt for the classic Bond look or British gentry, remember, there is always room for flare with our Peper Harow London socks

It is that time of year when the mortar boards and the black gowns prepare to sweep the stage at the graduation ceremony. And though the end of a chapter, it is also a new beginning and an opportunity to step away from the crowd.

Our advice? Know your style. Keep it simple and elegant or choosing your socks matching with your graduation gown colours. Our British-designed colourful socks, made from the finest cotton, will allow your personal character to shine. Whether you chose reserved tones of blue, or quirky orange, collect your certificate with style.

We have selected socks to help you onto the graduation stage. The Square Mile is our most elegant sock, available in black, classic teal or daring red. Minimalistic in design and vibrant in colour, they are made using finely knit mercerized cotton; the perfect suit sock preparing you for your journey into the city. Keeping in theme with the colours of the day, we also recommend our black Chevron sock with its precise linear pattern around the ankle. But if sticking to black is not your thing, how about the pink Andover sock? This striking sock oozes style and confidence. Whatever you chose, remember to enjoy the day and stand out with your Peper Harow London socks.

If you want personal advice, you could come to Peper Harow London shop, call us or email us. We are willing to help you. 

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