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Making a Statement With Peper Harow London Socks

20th July 2018

If you have trouble matching shoes to socks, give this a read, It might help.

Make A Statement With Peper Harow London's Luxurious Socks



 Brown Brogue


If you've ever worn brown shoes and struggled to match your clothes to them, don't worry, everyone has! Surprisingly, many colours and styles match brown and even accentuate and highlight each other, like pink, yellow or white.

For brown leather shoes we recommend:

  • Grey & Pink Diamond Socks Here.
  • Black & Yellow Pin Polka Socks Here.
  • Zedra Mist Socks Here.


White Sneaker Socks


With sweltering heat bearing down on us all, wearing the right socks and shoes are essential to staying cool and looking great. We enjoy our classics here, like white sneakers. try a splash of pink for those softer tones, or the classic polka dots that are always in style! For those dreadfully hot days, try low cut socks.

For white sneakers we recommend:

  • Classic Plain Pink Socks Here.
  • Blue & Yellow Pin Polka Socks Here.
  • White Welford Socks Here.


Grey Boat Socks


Another classic that never goes out of fashion, grey boat shoes - unlike crocs, these are comfortable AND fashionable. Grey is easy to match colours with, classic black or yellow fits anything, but for those with a bit of eccentricity, you can't go wrong with a splash of red and orange.

For the grey boat shoes we recommend:

  • Classic Plain Black Socks Here.
  • Yellow & Orange Pin Polka Socks Here.
  • Red & Orange Starfall Socks Here.


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